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Round-up #2: Firefox for Android in Telugu; Chandam, a tool for Telugu chandassu

Firefox for Android is now available in Telugu

The Firefox web browser for Android version 31 was released with new locales Telugu and 10 other Indian languages. That means now we can have the web browser in our own language. The catch is you need to have Telugu as the language from Android Language Settings. There are few Samsung smartphones that have UI available in Telugu.

Mozilla is planning for the ability to change the default language of Firefox for Android in future releases.

Update (2014-09-04): You now have (from Firefox 32) the ability to change the language of Firefox for Android irrespective of the Android language.

Chandam, a complete software for Telugu chandassu

Dileep Miriyala announced the availability of Chandam, a web-based tool for Telugu chandassu. Chandam helps to analyze Telugu padyaalu according to chandassu rules: gana vibhajana, yati, praasa, etc. He has also published an article in EeMaata introducing Chandam. The Chandam web site itself has lots of documentation about using the software and on writing Telugu padyaalu.

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Round-up #1 (August 2013)

Samsung mobiles in Indian languages

It has been reported that Samsung will support more Indian languages in its mobiles. The news item said:

Samsung announced the availability of its user interface and applications in nine Indian languages — Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam — on its smartphones and Tablet PC, on its smartphones and Tablet PC. As of now, the option is supported on Galaxy Grand, Galaxy S4 and Tab 3.

I did not find anything to this effect on Samsung India’s website. If you have come across these devices in local languages, please post screenshots and share your experience.

Multilingual names in OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap has support for labels in local languages. Here is a screen shot showing a name is being added in Telugu.

Adding Telugu name in OpenStreetMap

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Call for translating WordPress into Telugu

Did you know WordPress is available in Telugu? It is! However, it is not fully translated into Telugu yet. You can help. You can translate both and

Read more about this in my Telugu blog: translating WordPress into Telugu.

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4 Telugu books in Project Gutenberg

V.B. Sowmya wrote to Telugu Pustakam group in Facebook that Onamaalu became 4th Telugu book on Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is a web site that digitizes copyright-expired books with volunteer effort and offers the resulting ebooks for free download.

All four Telugu books in Project Gutenberg so far are of Mahidhara Rama Mohana Rao. Here are the links (with dates when they became available) for reading or downloading them as ebooks:

  1. Subhalekha (February 28, 2012)
  2. Agnigundam (April 28, 2012)
  3. Kollayi Gattite Nemi (September 6, 2012)
  4. Onamaalu (January 14, 2013)

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Shubhalekha becomes the first Telugu book on Project Gutenberg had requested for help to add Telugu books to the Project Gutenberg. As part of that initiative, volunteers of digitized Shubhalekha, a Telugu story by Mahidhara Ramamohan Rao and made it available on the Project Gutenberg website.

Shubhalekha is now (actually it has been a month) available to read freely online. You can even download it in various formats for different ebook reader devices. So, here is the link: Shubhalekha on Project Gutenberg.

Here is a screen shot of the Project Gutenberg’s Online Reader:
Shubhalekha ebook in Project Gutenberg

This is only the first Telugu ebook on Project Gutenberg. And, you can help Project Gutenberg to have more Telugu ebooks. You can help in typing, proofreading, etc. If you are interested, join the Guternberg_te Google Group.

I hope we will see more Telugu ebooks soon.


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