Hello world!

Welcome to Crossroads, a place where Telugu blog posts (mostly excerpts, though) appear in English. The primary objective of this blog is to be a bridge blog and speak to global audience.
Telugu blogging community is active and growing. However, there is a little interaction with other Indic blogging communities, as well as with the global blogosphere. I hope this blog would bridge the gap and let the world hear our voice.

I would also occasionally invite other Telugu bloggers to write in English here for you, global audience.

This effort is inspired by Global Voices.

Update (2007-06-11): I changed the course of this blog, rather increased the scope. I wish to cover all about the Telugu on the Web.

6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. veeven gaaru
    Its a good initiative. Most telugu writers and literateurs could not get enough name and fame as other language people hardly could know about their works. How to write in this space? can u explain?

  2. Guys, if you plan to write regularly here, send me an email expressing your interest. I’ll create a user account for you.

    If you want to write occasionally, then send me those articles and I’ll post them here on your name.

    Use veeven at gmail dot com.

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