New Telugu Font: e-Telugu from INDOLIPI

INDOLIPI is a multipurpose toolbox for Indoligists and linguists. It contains Open Type Unicode fonts for most of the Indian languages. It also contains input layouts for Indian languages and other tools. This toolbox also has a Telugu font. Below are the sample and download instructions.

Telugu Font from INDOLIPI

You can download this font from this page (see links towards the bottom of the page).

How to install this Telugu font under Windows XP:

  1. Unzip the above package you downloaded.
  2. Locate the e-Telugu OT font in the Fonts folder in the extracted package folder.
  3. Copy it (Ctrl + C).
  4. Open Windows Fonts window (Type fonts in the Run command.)
  5. And, then paste (Ctrl + V).

30 thoughts on “New Telugu Font: e-Telugu from INDOLIPI

  1. The font will be there in the package/Fonts folder. It is the one you extracted, not the Windows fonts folder. You need to copy it to the Windows Fonts folder. (4 and 5 steps in the post.

  2. gayathri

    You can copy Telugu text from websites, if the text is in Unicode. And, the Telugu newspapers’ web sites do not use Unicode. So, the copied text will be shown as junk characters.

    But, you can copy the Telugu text from websites that offer it in Unicode into any application that supports Unicode. Microsoft Office supports Unicode. (Make sure you have latest version.) And if you are using Windows XP (or lesser version), enable support for Telugu.

    Sites that offer Telugu content in Unicode include Telugu Wikipedia, and Telugu blogs found on Koodali.

  3. Hi, thank you very much for the nice information.. But I would like to ask you if there is any possibility to copy the content from the newpaper because I wanted to copy a content from newspaper

  4. Hi Veeven, This is Shankar. Please let me know about the font “Harsha-priya”. Whatever details you have please send to me. Where can I get this font. If I have to buy this one where can I buy it. Please send the details as soon as possible. Thank you.


  5. Hi, Where to buy such fonts which we see in EENADU. Please give me the details of the site, where we can buy them. Thanks…..

    [Veeven: Please try Anu Fonts. I think there is no way you can buy them online. You need to find any of their dealers. Also note, their fonts are not Unicode yet.]

  6. Thanks Veeven for your reply. Do you know about “Harsha-priya” font. Actually I am need of it. Please let me know if you have any idea about the dealers… Thank you….

    [Veeven: Sorry, I really did not have an idea about that font.]

  7. Hi Veeven, I have got the font. Actually we brought the font. We brought the ISM V6 Software. It is CDAC company’s product. I got all the required fonts with that. I think this will help someone who are searching for the font.

  8. శ్రీ వీవెన్ గారికి,
    నమస్కారమ్. న్యూతెలుగు ఫామ్ టు : ఇ తెలుగు ఫామ్ టు .”యిమ్ డొలిపినుమ్ డి”లో ” క్ష” అను అక్షరమ్ ఎక్కడ ఉన్నది తెలియదు.
    దయచేసి తెలుపగలరు. ఇది బరహా లొ తయారుచేసినాను.
    కె వి వి సత్యనారాయణ.

  9. సత్యనారాయణగారూ,
    మీరు ’మ్’ బదులు సున్నా వ్రాయాలనుకుంటే, M (Shift+m) నొక్కండి. ఇంకా ’క్ష’ వ్రాయాలనుకుంటే, k+S+h+a (S=Shift+s) నొక్కండి. మరింత సహాయానికి BarahaPad పై ఉండే Help చూడండి.


  10. దయ చేసి తెలుగు లిపిలో గణిత అక్షరాలు వచ్చేలా ఒక ఫంట్ ని తయారు చేయండి.. అనగా ..౧౨౩౪౫౬౭౮౯౦.. అని కాకుండా 1234567890 అని వచ్చేలా….
    మీకు కృతఘ్నున్ని అవుతాను….

  11. అను స్క్రిప్ట్ లేకుండా photoshop 7.0 లో తెలుగు fonts రాయవచ్చా sir

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