Telugu Blogs – Jan ’08

January Headlines:

Following issues attracted the attention of Telugu Bloggers in January ’08:

  1. Announcement of support for SRC-2 by Veerappa Moily (Telangana issue)
  2. India’s cricket series in Australia
  3. Sankranthi, the festival of harvest
  4. Physical attack by Chiranjeevi fans on Actor Rajasekhar

Jan 29: Attack by Chiranjeevi fans on Film Actor Rajasekhar dominated the Blogs on Jan 29. Film Actor Rajasekhar and family was physically attacked by some fans of Chiranjeevi for the former’s remarks on Chiranjeevi’s political career. Sodhana, Gunde Chappudu, Dallas Telugu Vennela, Netzen, Funcounter, Tetageethi, Chaduvari are some of the Bloggers who responded to the incident. The response has been varied.. while some were sarcastic about the Victims’ statements, some are critical about the Fans. While Chaduvari openly criticised Chiranjeevi’s statement, Dallas Telugu Vennela, Oremuna and Netizen presented a veiled criticism on this incident.

Social issues:
Tata’s One lakh wonder- Nano – caught the imagination of Telugu Bloggers too. Kadali taraga presented a critical view of the car and its utility. The post attracted some good comments too. Another good take can be seen on Telugu Web Channel.

Comedy and Jokes:
Here is a blast on the contemporary ads on Matrimonial web sites. Vikatakavi presented a two-part series on some hilarious ads with matching comments to each of them. The post has been a huge success going by the number of comments it attracted. Read them here and here.

Thetageethi features some of the most captivating comedy posts on his blog. This month he wrote a 16-part serial “amerikaalO aapasoapaalu”. He started off on Jan 12 and wrote back into December 2007, by backdating the subsequent posts. Obviously he wanted to avoid the reverse chronological order. The posts, though wrote few years back, are entertaining.

Rendu Rellu Aru came out with yet another comedy post – kshura kharma. The post is an entertainer, though not in the same class as of the Blogger’s earlier posts.

Tadimeti Rajarao has come out with a beauty on his childhood cricketing days. Nostalgia is writ large on the post. Several posts have appeared on India’songoing series with Australia. Some of them are:

Kalam kalalu: This blog attained prominence in the blog world within no time. In a Jan post Phanindra responds to an earlier comment wrote by Pappu Nagaraju

Bloggers reflected on the books that they read in 2007. Sowmya is one of them:

Sowmya Writes: Sowmya is a book worm. Most part of her blog is dedicated to book reviews. This recap mentions about 18 books that she reading 2008.

Proposed Second SRC by Congress has evoked mixed repsonses from Telugu Bloggers. Gunde Chappudu came out with a series of posts on SRC and other closely related issues. The posts have been quite interesting and thought-provoking in the inimitable style of Dil – Dileep. Chaduvari came out with a criticism of Congress and TRS over the Telangana issue.

Datla Srinivasa Raju has come out with a simple, yet useful tool named as Sri Sodhana Plugin. The tool enables the User to search the meanings – in various online Dictionaries, – of a word or a phrase from the text, by just double clicking the word.

Okka magaadu is the favorite beating boy of the bloggers. Bloggers came out with scathing attacks on the movie. Some of them are good to read too. Try these:

Some cinema-loving-Telugu bloggers started, a blog/webzine dedicated movies of all kinds.

Our Picks:

  1. Review of Taare Jamin Par by Pappu Nagaraju is one of our picks, this month. The review is a must read for all the movie buffs.
  2. Dallas Telugu Vennela has come out with an excellent post paaDigEdelu-dunnapOtulu on a recent statement by a Minister in the Government of AP.
  3. TeluguvaaDini came out with an excellent post on Blogs and their tag lines. This post has been one of our favs for this month.


One regular Blogger, absent in January is Giri of TelugulO tappaTaDugulu

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