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NOTE: Most of the links in this post are outdated. For more latest information, please see Telugu Localization Community in Google+.

Now-a-days, many stand-alone and web applications can be localized into Telugu online. Ability to do localizations online is a simple way to get many people collaborate. Less tech-savvy users can participate easily, too.

By helping Telugu localizations of various applications/websites, you are becoming part of realizing the dream to see more and more Telugu on the web (and in computers, generally). The below is a list of places on the web that allow translation of various applications into Telugu.

Google in Your Language

Google in Your Language lets you translate Google’s products and their help pages into various languages.

TranslateWiki (formerly BetaWiki)

TranslateWiki is a platform where you can translate MediaWiki (the software behind Wikipedia) and its extensions. You can also translate third-party applications like FreeCol game and Mantis bug tracking system. The current state of Telugu localizations of some of the projects in TranslateWiki:

  • MediaWiki: 95.75%
  • FreeCol: 14%

Launchpad Translations

Launchpad’s Translations section is a part of Ubuntu community collaborative site. Here we can translate Ubuntu operating system and various other software applications. Current state of Telugu translations of some of the projects in Launchpad:

  • Ubuntu: 22.34%


Locamotion’s Pootle server is a place to translate Pootle (a web-based translation interface) and other projects. It’s part of Decathlon project. Current status:

  • Pootle: 85%

WordPress.com Translations

WordPress.com Translations is a place to translate WordPress.com, including thier forum software bbPress.

  • Telugu translations are currently at 62.4%.


BabelZilla is a place to translate Add-ons Firefox and Thunderbird, and various other Mozilla-based products (including Spicebird).


Laconica Translations is a place to translate Laconica, an open source microblogging tool. StatusNet can now be translated at TranslateWiki.

  • Current status: 20% (on April 18, 2009).


Netvibes Community Translators section provides web interface to translate Netvibes site.

  • Current Status: 39%.


OLPC Translations is a place to translate OLPC’s applications.

  • Current Status: 14%.


Translations section in Songbird Developer Center allows you to translate Songbird (a media player) into various languages.

  • Current Status: 31.22%.

ZOHO Sheet

ZOHO Sheet Translations for the ZOHO online spreadsheet program.

  • Current Status: 33.14%.


Meebo Telugu translations. Meebo is a browser-based instant messaging client.

Swecha Entrans

Swecha Entrans is a place to translate Swecha, a Linux distribution in Telugu.

These are the places that I know (and been participating, barring one or two) on the web that are open for contributions of Telugu translations for localization. Feel free to contribute to these sites. If you know any other such sites, please share.

Doing Telugu localizations means you should be able to type in Telugu. See a list of tools that let you type in Telugu. For clarifications and doubts relating to Telugu words, you can seek the help of Telugu Padam group. Also see FUEL project and Telugu Padam Wiki.

Happy Localizing!


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  1. చాన్నాళ్లక్రితం నా మిత్రుని అభ్యర్ధన మేరకు ఒ ఎల్ పి సి ని కొంతవరకూ అనువదించాను. దాని స్టేటస్ ప్రస్తుతం ఏమిటి. ఎవరైనా తెలుపగలరా.

  2. యూనికోడ్ టెక్సుని అనూఫాంట్ లోకి మార్చడం ఎలాగో దయచేసి తెలియజేయగలరు..
    -టిపి రావ్

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