e-Telugu stall in 23rd Hyderabad Book Fair

e-Telugu, an organization working for Telugu on the web, is operating a stall (Stall No. D, next to Eenadu stall) in the 23rd Hyderabad Book Fair.

If you didn’t know yet: 23rd Hyderabad Book Fair is taking place at People’s Plaza, Necklace Road, Hyderabad. The timings are 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm for 10 days starting from 19th of December to 28th.

The objective of the e-Telugu stall is to create awareness among the visitors about Telugu on the web. It is basically about telling them:

  • it is now easier to see and type Telugu on their computers
  • there are Telugu blogs, too
  • there is a Wikipedia in Telugu language

The volunteers (mainly Telugu bloggers) manning the stall will tell people about how Telugu is growing on the web, distribute promotional material and also answer their questions (possibly demonstrating live).

So, if you are in Hyderabad around that time, you should make it to attend.


5 thoughts on “e-Telugu stall in 23rd Hyderabad Book Fair

  1. i would like to open an eatable stall in it i want the detail of the office for more information in the book fair

  2. What is happening to our telugu language,in AP nobody using telugu,if you arrived in Hyd state capital,we cannnot find a telugu board any where, see in chennai and Bangalore their own language any where any place appeared even in high figh areas and buildings,For this Our govt.should take steps and suppose to follow the rules and regulations doing in Tamil nadu and Karnataka,if we following them then our telugu will live and otherwise it will dead.

  3. The only method left with us to save telugu is with developers with mind and logical brain. They must find a method (as quickly as possible ) to enable telugu e-books readable fonts in all mobile devises. Because every one will be having at least one mobile in his hands. Reading and writing in movies tongue naturally increases affection on telugu.

  4. i am sorry i am using t9 method to type. So instead of mother tongue, it is typed as movies tongue in the above comment.

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