Telugu Ratna, a social networking site in Telugu

Telugu Ratna ( is a new generation, social, web 2.0 site for Telugu people by Telugu people in Telugu language. The membership and other services of the site are free.'s Homepage
Telugu Ranta’s home page (click on the image for bigger view)

“Our aim is to make it [Telugu Ratna] as an avenue for the talents and merits of Telugu People. We want to make it as a meeting place for all Telugu People and as an Information oriented platform that reflects Telugu culture.”, says Shiva Bandaru, the founder and administrator of Telugu Ratna. Shiva Bandaru hails from Annavarappaadu village, West Godavari District.

Registered users can publish their creative works like stories, poetry, audio-video, paintings, photos. Users can also share their opinions, reviews, articles on various subjects. Users can make friends, discuss thoroughly in the discussion forum, and share their knowledge.

Many learned people are enriching the website with their valuable contributions. Telugu people from all over the world started to shower their patronage and making the website grand success.

You can read more about the making of Telugu Ratna as Shiva’s speaks.


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