Searching the Web in Telugu

Telugu content on the web is growing in many ways: blogs, micro blogs, webzines, forums, portals are popping up. With the growing content, there is also a growing (though at a lower rate) trend of searching in Telugu.

All most all search engines today can (and do) index content in Unicode. So, if one knows typing in Telugu, one can enter a keyword in any search engine and get results in Telugu. Here is a screen shot of Google search for Telugu keywords:

Telugu search results for Ubuntu in Google

Here are some links to Telugu search results in some search engines:

Google started receiving recognizable amount of searches in Telugu roughly from year 2008, as you can see in the below sample trend (the red line).

Google Trends

To make searching easy in local languages, Google went a step ahead and started providing search suggestions in local languages when one tries to search in their regional web site Here is a screen shot showing Telugu suggestions:

Telugu search suggestions in Google

Guruji (an Indian search engine) provides a on-screen keyboard for typing in local languages:

On-screen typing facility in

There is nothing stopping us from searching the web in Telugu. I hope searching in Telugu would increase.

Happy searching!


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  1. I want Anu Script Manager 7.0 , Telugu DOE Phonetic Key board Typing.
    I can’t get the words VISARGA & ARASUNNA.
    Can any one tell me how to type these two with the Anu Fonts DOE Phonetic Key board.

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