Andhra Jyothy’s website now in Unicode!

Andhra Jyothy, a popular Telugu daily, recently relaunched its website in Unicode. That’s a good news. With this launch, Andhra Jyothy joined Surya and Prajasakti, other Telugu dailies that already have their websites in Unicode.

The home page of Andhra Jyothy Website

Overall, the site is good. But, they could have done better, at least technically. Here are my (nit)picks:

  • They do not provide a feed.
  • The DOCTYPE comes as part of html element. It should come before. And, there are some nasty HTML errors like div element coming inside span element.
  • The title of the pages does not represent what article I am reading or what section I am in.
  • Niether the Content-Language HTTP header nor HTML’s lang attribute is present to indicate the language of the pages.
  • The links at the top and some section names in the home page are still not in Telugu.
  • When they use aithyam (ై) they used it along with ethvam (ె). I think this is due to the converter they are using to get the proprietary encoding text into Unicode. (I do not think they are also using Unicode for their print edition.)

Hope the momentum continues and the other two in big three (Eenadu and Saakshi) also come along.


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