e-Telugu workshop for Web Developers (Hyderabad, April 15)

e-Telugu, a non-profit organization striving to promote Telugu on computers and the web, is organizing a workshop for web developers on Building Telugu Websites. The workshop will last about 2 hours and covers various topics like Unicode, conveying language information in HTTP and HTML, typing in Telugu, using Telugu fonts with @font-face CSS rule, and Telugu in mobiles.

The workshop is on April 15, 2012 (starts at 10:00 am) at Honeypot campus. For more details, please see the post on e-Telugu website.

Many Telugu websites still post text as images (various reasons). Many web developers stuck with the traditional proprietary solutions like Anu fonts. Some are not even aware of Unicode and how they can post Telugu content on the web easily, let alone they building websites in Telugu. Knowing Unicode and then posting text as text on the web enhances SEO for Telugu sites and also enable them utilize modern web features like feeds, auto-publishing to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I hope this workshop will bring out the much needed awareness and knowledge about Unicode and methods, techniques and practices in creating websites in Telugu—and Telugu web flourishes.


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