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Free Telugu Typing Tutor from Kinige

Couple of weeks ago, Kinige launched a free Telugu typing tutor. It teaches the InScript keyboard layout, which is standardized by the Indian Government. (InScript layout can reduce as much as 20% keystrokes when compared to phonetic methods.) Here is a screen shot of the Kinige Telugu Typing Tutor:

A screen shot of Kinige Telugu Typing Tutor

Unlike other Telugu typing tutors, the lessons in the Kinige typing tutor are cleverly designed to introduce the key positions—instead of alphabets.

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InScript+ keyboard layout for Telugu

InScript+ an enhanced InScript keyboard layout for Telugu

Unicode 6.0 has standardized code points for Telugu characters. However, the classic or old characters cannot easily be typed. So, C-DAC has come up with proposal called Enhanced InScript Keyboard Layout. (You can get their proposal from their web site.) I implemented their proposal for Telugu in the name of InScript+.

With this keyboard layout you can type all the Telugu characters that are currently in Unicode 6.0 standard. The layout looks as follows:

InScript+ keyboard layout for Telugu

For more details about those old characters, please see this post in my Telugu blog.

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Preferred Keyboard Layout for Telugu: InScript

I get many hits to this blog in the form searches about Telugu keyboard layout. It seems that my earlier posts offering a way to type Unicode Telugu using apple and modular keyboard layouts are attracting many hits. I just want to note here that those two layouts are intended only for people who already knew those layouts (on Anu Script Manager or other proprietary and traditional Telugu typing systems) and do not want to learn a new layout when they want to type in Unicode.

If you are new to Telugu typing and want to learn a keyboard layout, you should learn InScript layout. InScript layout is standardized by Government of India for all Indic scripts. Windows XP, Vista, 7 operating systems already come with this keyboard layout. You just need to enable it. InScript layout is also available in Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

Here are the normal and shifted snapshots of Telugu InScript keyboard layout.

Telugu InScript keyboard layout

When Shift key is used:
Telugu InScript keyboard layout (Shifted)
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