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The number of Telugu blogs has been increasing day by day. Especially, there is a phenomenal growth in the last six months. There seems to be more than a thousand Telugu blogs, with around 250 being regularly updated.

The topics covered by Telugu blogs range from comics to cinema, politics to poetry, media to mythology, technology to tradition, education to environment and more. However, not many Telugu people are aware of blogs in their own language. This article is an attempt in spreading Telugu blogs.

If you have some good thoughts to share with the world, you can start a Telugu blog. Thinking how to type in Telugu? It’s no longer difficult. Thanks to the recent tools, it is as easy as typing in English. The following is a quick guide that lets you get started blogging in Telugu.

1. How to get yourself a blog?

You can get yourself a free blog at or or There are also other places where you can get a free blog. (You can even have a blog in your own domain. That is for the next time.)

2. How to Type in Telugu?

After you get yourself a blog, you need a way to write in Telugu. Don’t worry. There are many tools available. Pick a tool that suits you the best from the following popular ones:

Tools for typing in Telugu

3. Let people know about your Telugu blog

Commenting on other peoples blogs allows your blog to be get noticed. There are also aggregators for Telugu blogs. Getting listed in these aggregators ensures your Telugu blog will reach to fellow bloggers and many more people. You just need to send an e-mail to the maintainers of the aggregators that you have started a Telugu blog.

Telugu Blog aggregators

Regularly visiting one of these aggregators keeps you abreast of what is going on in Telugu blogosphere and brings to your notice good blog posts that you would otherwise have missed.

4. Participate

Telugu bloggers are an active community. You can join them at TeluguBlog Google Group for discussions on technical and general problems in writing blogs in Telugu.

Update (2007-07-15): Added to Telugu blog aggregators and to the sites where you can start a Telugu blog.

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40 thoughts on “Blogging in Telugu

  1. ya guys!!!

    i tried this quillpad tool given above, it is really nice and worth a try , i am extremely comfortable in using it …it is very useful in publishing big articles, especially if u want to do in short time

  2. Is there a tool to change the Telugu headings (which are spelled in English) of posts automatically to Telugu without having to type each of the headings again in Telugu? For example i have a post named ‘Avakaaya’ with its content in English in my English blog. I want to export all these posts to a new telugu blog with the same headings. How can i convert the headings of my blog to a telugu blog automatically?

  3. @Madhuri,

    If you want transliteration, there are tools. One of such tools is Padma. It can convert text from RTS to Unicode.

    I did not know if there is any translation tool exists.

  4. వివెన్ గారు మీ కబురు అందింది. కానీ నేను చదవలేకపోయాను. ఆ కబుర్ని తెలుగు అక్షరాల్లోకి మార్చుకోవడం నాకు తెలియలేదు. దయచేసి సాయపడతారా? అందుకోండి నా వందనములు. జయబాబు.

  5. anta bagundi, kaani baraha lo type chesina telugu matter ni bolgger lo kani, word press lo kani, paste chesede yelago cheppi punyam kattukonidi

  6. sir,
    nenu naa blog nu andharu telugu varu chusela cheyyalante yemichheyyali .

    haaram , koodali lalo naa blog add chesanu . inka migathavati email address

    lu teliyacheyagalaru . naa blog :—



  7. Want to start a telugu blog of my own. Am at a loss how to type in telugu as I don’t have good telugu fonts. Can somebody help me please?

  8. I’m using wordpress blog. It’s not supporting Telugu font. How to enable it?
    I tried lekhini tool and copy pasted a sample line in my blog comment.
    It’s just displaying ????? question marks.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  9. తెలుగు రచనలు, ఆర్టికల్స్, సీరియల్స్, జోక్స్, సినిమా, కొన్ని ఐడియాలు యిలా ఒకటేంటి అన్ని చమక్కులతో, అచ్చ తెలుగు వాడుక పదాలతో నేను ప్రారంభించిన బ్లాగు ‘దాసరిగమలు.బ్లాగ్ స్పాట్.యిన్ ‘ ( చదవండి. చదివించండి.

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