News websites in Telugu

Surprisingly, there are many websites that serve news in Telugu. It is pleasing to see websites that provide content in Unicode Telugu are growing. This post presents links to Telugu news sites that I knew or readers of this blog brought to my notice.

Telugu News Websites In Unicode

News related Blogs

Telugu News Aggregators

Non-Unicode Telugu News Websites

If you know any website that provides news in Telugu and it is not mentioned above, please give it in comments.

Update 1: Added Sakshi.
Update 2: Added Google News in Telugu.
Update 3 (2011-06-29): Totally reorganized the post and added many new websites.
Update 4 (2011-11-17): Added new websites


16 thoughts on “News websites in Telugu

  1. I would like to know telugu newspapers archives website… if any one knows kindly mail me… Regards, Ram Prasad


    Sort of news e-magazine with articles on major incidents; more like the old subprabhathahm magazine.
    or india today in telugu kinds i think…should be useful for people who prepare for civils, IAS, groups…

    Lot of telugu medium students like me might find it interesting.

  3. Do any of these news aggregators include non-unicode news sites?
    I dont find googlenews including eenadu etc..even now!!!

  4. I wish to give legal advises as I have been practicing in High court. I got 23 years experience in my legal practice. Hence I wish to open one Blog..

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