Telugu on the Web: How can YOU help?

There are lot of ways that you can help Telugu on the Web grow.

  1. Know that it is now really easy to type in Telugu on your computer. And, there are lot of other ways too.
  2. Tell your Telugu friends that they can now see Telugu on their computers and they can send messages, chat and blog in Telugu.
  3. Read Telugu blogs and comment on any posts you like.
  4. Contribute to Telugu Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in Telugu language.
  5. Participate in Telugu discussion groups:
    • Telugu Blog, for helping people start and continue blogging in Telugu
    • Sahityam, for discussion on various topics relating to Telugu literature
    • Telugu Wiki, for helping people contributing to Telugu Wikipedia
    • Telugu Padam, invent and discover Telugu words
    • Andhra Mahabhaaratam, help unicodify Andhra Mahabharatam
  6. Help localize various stand-alone and web applications.
  7. Help unicodify various websites.
  8. Create new unicode Telugu fonts, or convert existing non-unicode Telugu fonts to support Unicode.
  9. Participate in discussions and various activities organized by

2 thoughts on “Telugu on the Web: How can YOU help?

  1. నాకు చేతనైన పద్ధతులలో అన్ని విధాలా సహాయం చేయడనికి సిద్ధం

  2. hai
    iam chandrasekhar
    telugu patakudiga kothaga cherutunnanduku

    telugu bhasha abivriddiki navanthu
    krishi sarvada chestanani teliyajestunnanu
    how to help my in this portal

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