Converting text from Anu to Unicode

When you use Anu Script Manager, the resulting text will not be in Unicode. That means you cannot effectively use that text on the web: (1) Users see it as junk characters unless they have necessary Anu fonts. Not everyone can get Anu fonts as they are not free. (2) Worst part is that Google and other search engines do not understand that your text is in Telugu and cannot show your website in their results for Telugu searches.

The best way is to use Unicode. There are few converters that convert text from Anu to Unicode:

Please note that I have not tested these tools. The conversion can be lossy and accuracy might not be guaranteed.


32 thoughts on “Converting text from Anu to Unicode

      1. Sir, The uni2anu link is not working. Please let me know if there any other utilities to convert unicode to anu.


  1. How to use window 7 anu 7 i am able to use only 3fonts and not all as seen on the anu website pls help tks

  2. hello sir,
    how to convert anu to unicode. I tried all three options. But it is not converting. please help me.

    1. Sir,

      Please clarify the doubts and guide me –

      I used Anu fonts Telugu 7, typed several pages in MS Word.

      A novel was also typed and turned to PDF.

      I want to publish e-book and translate Telugu novel in to English and Hindi.

      Anu script is not compatible in Google .

      Telugu script must be converted to Unicode Text.

      How can I do the above conversions in bulk, easily.

      Harivillu is not working.

      Guide me properly.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Dr. sridhar

  3. Telugu converter is so useful thanks a lot.

    I need hindi (anu hindi to unicode) text converter also.
    Can you please help on this.


  4. Sir, I heard that in Harivillu there is a tool to convert “UniCode” to “Anu” . Is it true?
    if true , why it is not working now. If working, can u please forward the working weblink.

  5. సార్
    యూనికోడ్ ఫాంట్స్ పేజ్ మేకర్ లో రావట్లేదు. పేజ్ మేకర్లో చేసుకోవాలో చెప్పగలరు

    డి.టి.పి. ఆపరేటర్

  6. Sir,
    I had some files typed in ANU 7.0 Hindi font. I want convert that text to unicode.
    Is it possible? If possible, how to convert this text to unicode.
    Daya Sagar
    DTP Operator

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