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Telugu Unicode to Anu font converters

Now-a-days, lots and lots of Telugu content (both online and offline) is being created in Unicode. There are many free typing tools for Telugu (even, on mobile phones too). People no longer need to buy proprietary fonts and text editors to compose in Telugu. And, a good number of beautiful Telugu Unicode fonts are available for free download, thanks to Telugu Vijayam project of earlier joint Andhra Pradesh government. (These Telugu fonts are also available in Google Fonts.)

Modern publishing tools such as Adobe InDesign have support for Unicode Telugu. And, many people have already published their books in Unicode.

Despite that, most of the Telugu publishing and printing industry and small DTP operators have not yet moved to Unicode. (We need to create awareness of Unicode and its benefits for Telugu content and publishing industry.)

Because the Telugu publishing industry and media still using proprietary fonts, people are looking for tools to convert Unicode text into Anu and other proprietary Telugu fonts for printing.

Here are a couple of links that try to convert Unicode Telugu text to Anu fonts:

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Converting text from Anu to Unicode

When you use Anu Script Manager, the resulting text will not be in Unicode. That means you cannot effectively use that text on the web: (1) Users see it as junk characters unless they have necessary Anu fonts. Not everyone can get Anu fonts as they are not free. (2) Worst part is that Google and other search engines do not understand that your text is in Telugu and cannot show your website in their results for Telugu searches.

The best way is to use Unicode. There are few converters that convert text from Anu to Unicode:
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Typing Unicode Telugu using other keyboard layouts

There are many keyboard layouts and transliteration schemes to Type in Telugu. Many of users who type Telugu on computers use proprietary encodings and keyboard layouts like Modular, Apple, and Roma. If they have a way to type in Telugu in Unicode using the layout they are familiar with, it would boost the usage of Telugu on the Web specifically and on computers generally. This post explores the problem of keyboard layouts and introduces some Keyboard Layout Creators. Continue reading Typing Unicode Telugu using other keyboard layouts