SuraVara, new kid on the block

Chava Kiran (a co-founder of Kinige) started a new initiative called SuraVara to concentrate on Telugu language technologies. They started with two projects: (1) a book on Telugu blogging blaagu pustakam; (2) a keyboard for Telugu. Here is a brief introduction about these projects:

blaagu pustakam
Blaagu Pustakam (Blog Book)

This book is for beginners of Telugu blogs that did not otherwise have a knowledge of blogs. It guides them through the process of creating a blog and then writing posts. This book also goes on more deeper with technical topics like formatting, uploading images and videos, themes, blog aggregators, etc; and social topics like Telugu blogospehere, advantages and drawbacks of blogging, dealing with comments, and things to be taken care when blogging. This book written by Sujatha (manasulo maata) and Rahman (sataanveshana), both well-known Telugu bloggers.

Venu did a thorough review of blaagu pustakam on his Telugu blog. It gives nice overview of the book.

You can buy this book in e-book or print formats from Kinige. You can also rent e-book for a month. You can even get a free preview of the book. (Find the link in that page.)

SuraVara Telugu Keyboard
SuraVara Telugu InScript Keyboard

SuraVara Keyboard is a physical keyboard for your computer. It comes with Telugu characters on keys. So, you can type in Telugu directly without need of any transliteration or phonetic scheme in the middle. SuraVara Keyboard follows the InScript Keyboard Layout, and I recommend it.

See various ways how you can buy this keyboard for yourself or gifting others.


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  1. Sir, Mee keyboard nandu na vattu ya vattu symbols kaparacha ledu, Oka vela avi vundi vunte yela use cheyalo naku mail cheyandi please

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