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Telugu Wikipedia reaches 50,000 articles

Couple of days ago Telugu Wikipedia reached the mark of 50,000 articles. Telugu is second Indian language to reach that mark after Hindi.

Telugu Wikipedia's Homepage
Homepage of Telugu Wikipedia

It is not just the count of articles that matters but the quality of them too. In terms of the size per article, there are only 5,785 articles that are 2 KB in size or more. And, 1,069 articles that are more than 10 KB. The article size is only an indicator to (but not the absolute metric to measure) the quality of the articles. There is a lot to be improved in terms of quality.

In terms of users, though there are more than 24,000 registered users, currently there are only 164 active users (that is, who made at least an edit in last 30 days).

I hope to see more and more people start contributing to Telugu Wikipedia—and consequently great amount of free Telugu content be available to all of us.


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