Samhita, another Telugu Unicode font from SuraVara

SuraVara released another Telugu Unicode font called Samhita. Here is a sample of the font: Suravara Samhita Telugu Unicode font sample

You can download Samhita font from Kinige for free.

This font nicely fits if you need a hand written style that is not too much free flowing.

It is nice to see more and more Unicode Telugu fonts come up regularly. This field is definitely maturing. Probably, this is the beginning of the end of proprietary fonts.


1 thought on “Samhita, another Telugu Unicode font from SuraVara

  1. తెలుగు యూనికోడ్ fonts cant Work In Photoshop, Bluff Titler, and Some Other Adobe Family Applications & Other’s Etc…

    This Fonts Work Only For Web and Word Documents Because Kearning Problems in Metric and Optical Truly Fail

    How We Solve this? !?! Whats that Miracle…..
    try to in Photoshop Just type like మిత్రుడు Look n Fun….

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