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Posts about Telugu Unicode fonts that work across applications. Telugu fonts that you can use with free typing tools.

New Telugu font from Google: Noto Sans Telugu

You might have been seeing this new Telugu font in latest versions of Android (not necessarily in devices from Samsung). It’s Noto Sans Telugu.

Here is a sample:
Noto Sans Telugu font sample

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15 new Telugu Unicode fonts

In the 2nd International Telugu International Conference, 2012, which happened in Visakhapatnam, Sri K. Roshaiah released 15 new Telugu Unicode fonts, among spell checker for Telugu and other things. I have not tried all of these yet. But, you can download the fonts and try yourself:

  • Andhra Pradesh Government released 9 fonts in the names of Sri Krishnadevaraya and 8 of his poets. And, SiliconAndhra sponsored 6 fonts. Download them here.

Telugu fonts from Telugu Vijayam Project

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SiliconAndhra releases 3 new Telugu Unicode fonts

Update: The link below now also includes 15 new Telugu Unicode fonts released in ITIC 2012.

On the eve of International Mother Language Day (Feb 21), SiliconAndhra, in association with the IT Department of Government of Andhra Pradesh, released 3 free Telugu Unicode fonts and also launched a website called Telugu Vijavam about technical resources for Telugu computing.

For the impatient, download these 3 Telugu fonts from Telugu Vijayam website.

Here is a screen shot of the homepage of Telugu Vijayam website:

Homepage of Telugu Vijayam Website
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Ramaneeya: a free Telugu Unicode font from Aditya Fonts

In the 2nd World Telugu Writers Conference, held in Vijayawada last week, Ambarisha of Aditya Fonts announced a free Telugu Unicode font called Ramaneeya. And, it has been launched on stage. I got a copy of that font. Here is a sample of that font:

Ramaneeya Telugu font sample
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New Telugu Font: e-Telugu from INDOLIPI

INDOLIPI is a multipurpose toolbox for Indoligists and linguists. It contains Open Type Unicode fonts for most of the Indian languages. It also contains input layouts for Indian languages and other tools. This toolbox also has a Telugu font. Below are the sample and download instructions.

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